2 thoughts on “Infusion NorCal 2015 – An Organic Church Event for Northern California”

  1. Hey Milt, Looking forward to our time together. I noted the time change for more time to get acquainted … So 12:30 give or take, will be lunch time? Which makes me wonder what’s best for lunch time? Bringing picnic lunches (enough to feed the multitude!?) and eat together and get acquainted on the grounds: Pool our lunches and make it a Love Feast?! Or, go out to some of Sonoma’s good restaurants? Or order in food in, and hang out together there? All of the above!? Or…? What have you done in the past for lunch and dinner times?

    Thanks, rob wilden

  2. Rob,

    Yes, 12:30 will be lunch time. Usually at these events people get together at restaurants and such in the surrounding area. People will meet people and then want to go get lunch together or whatever. It’s all very “organic”! 🙂

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