The Master Craftsman

I have a good friend and brother who is an excellent builder and mechanic.  In fact, I would even say that he is a master craftsman.  He has grown up being exposed to the building trades and definitely knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

Recently, he came to visit us to help with some projects around our house.  As I watched him work, I was amazed at the accuracy, the speed, and the quality of his work.  I have honestly never seen such a worker who was totally committed to his work.  Getting the job done and getting it done right was evident in every move he made.  He would quite literally work sun up until sun down without taking many breaks at all.  All of this with the utmost integrity and quality of work I have ever seen.

This brother had a plan and then executed the plan with extreme precision.  Nothing could dissuade or distract this worker from fulfillment of the plan.  And not only that, but he has an unswerving commitment to the fulfillment of the vision no matter what it cost him.  The purpose and the plan are everything and the expression of that purpose is the ultimate goal.

Well, as you may have figured out by now, this post is not really about my friend.  Though I must say that God used my friend to show me some of these wonderful aspects of our Lord.


Our God is definitely a Builder.  He has had something in his mind to build since before eternity.  And that building is a house and a temple.  He “drew up” the plans for this House before he created anything.  The physical temple in physical Jerusalem was simply a fore-shadow of the Real House and the Real Temple!


Our God is a Planner!  He always has a plan for everything he does.  He plans it out in detail.  You could say that when he has a purpose, that is a building project, he always conceives it in his mind and then makes a detailed plan.  Of course, we know this is true because of His creation of the physical universe.  Every detail is pre-planned and fore ordained.  Not only of the physical universe but also the invisible universe, something Paul calls the “heavenly places”.

The Purpose

But what is the Plan for?  It is to execute the Purpose.  At my little house we had a purpose to build a deck.  My friend made a plan (a detailed map) on how to execute the purpose, or goal.  The ultimate goal was to have an outside space that would be relaxing and inviting to us and our guests.  That was the purpose.  But to see that purpose fulfilled we needed to have a plan to execute the purpose.

The Expression

Then, of course, after the building is complete the goal is realized of seeing and experiencing the fulfillment or expression of the purpose.  Stay with me folks, this post is about much more than my deck!  God definitely wants to have an awesome, beautiful, wonderful expression of His glorious Son.  That expression is also to bring heaven to earth and to reveal all that Christ is through a people, a new race, and a new humanity.

The Vision

Now, please understand me that the deck would never have been built if my wife and I didn’t have a “vision” of the deck.  This is also extremely important.  The scriptures tell us that “without a vision the people perish.” (Prov. 29:18)  What are we to have a vision of (for)?  The Purpose!

This is a major problem among believers today. 

There is no vision for God’s eternal purpose!

It all begins with the vision.  The vision can only come from God to the heart that is seeking Him.  And the vision will be the driving force behind everything you do in your life!  It will be the reason you get up in the morning…the reason you wash your face or comb your hair.  It will be the reason why you go to work, have a family, make a living.

It is the reason you are breathing air right now!

In other words, if you are a believer, the Purpose is the reason you are alive!

It’s also the reason why Jesus told us to pray, “Our Father who is in heaven, Holy is your name.

Your kingdom come…

Your kingdom come…

Your kingdom come!

On earth as it is in heaven.

There it is!  There is the Purpose!

And brothers and sisters you will find it all throughout the whole New Testament.

You know, we are always asking God for things, but does anyone ask him to fulfill his own desire and purpose?

So…putting it plainly…

God wants:         A Building, a house

A Family

A Bride

A City

A Body

A Kingdom

A Community

And this building will only be built upon one foundation

His Precious Son!

Only Christ will be the Foundation

Only Christ will be the walls

Only Christ will be the roof

Only Christ will be the windows and doors!

Only Christ will be everything in the House.

Bottom Line

Brothers and sisters, do you personally have a vision of this purpose?  Are you personally willing to live and die for this Purpose?  This Purpose should be the all-consuming drive in your life.  But is it?  I ask you to examine yourself, dear reader.  If your answer is “no” or “I don’t know” then I would advise you to spend some serious time with your Lord.  Ask him to give you a spiritual vision of his eternal purpose.  Give your life totally over to him for this purpose.

I can tell you in complete confidence that your Lord is waiting for that prayer!

If you follow through with this with a sincere heart, I would love to hear from you.  Please email me at

I would also like to thank my good friend and brother (who is a builder) for showing me more of our Master Craftsman!

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Author: Milt Rodriguez

Milt is an author, speaker, and organic church planter.

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