Some Thoughts on the Purpose – Part 2

A friend recently told me that the eternal purpose of God was so vast that it was difficult to grasp and even more difficult to explain.  I told him that I agreed.  He also said that it’s very difficult to put into one sentence.  I also agreed with that, however, after thinking about this later, I decided to take on the challenge.  So here is my contribution of consolidating the eternal purpose into one sentence:

God’s eternal purpose is that the fullness of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, would be displayed and expressed visibly through a vessel that would be a Family/House for the Father, a Bride/Body for the Son, and a Temple for the Holy Spirit.

In my last post I shared that God has a purpose that we can clearly see in chapter one of Genesis.

If you didn’t read the last post, you can do so here.

The purpose was to create a Man (actually, a race of man) that would both express His nature and character and represent His authority over the earth, especially to His enemy.

Genesis two tells us the way, or plan that God is going to use to accomplish this purpose.  He offers man to ingest His very own life.  He places man before the tree of life.  The obvious implication here is that man would eat of that tree and thereby take the life of God into his being so that he would be able to live by that life and thus accomplish God’s eternal purpose.

God’s purpose could never be accomplished by human life.  It takes a much higher life than that.  It takes God’s very own life.  Divine life, eternal life, uncreated life!  Human life is a lower life form that could never fulfill God’s purpose or satisfy His heart.  That’s like asking a dog to behave like a human.  It won’t work because the dog has the wrong life form.  Preachers will stand up in front of people every Sunday morning telling them that they need to do more and to do better to be good Christians.  The problem is that all of those people have the wrong life form to live that way!  They are being asked to please God with their human life.  Impossible!

But in the garden, God placed man in front of a Tree, THE TREE, full of His life!  Wow!  What an opportunity.  Just think… a creature who lives by the life of God!  What a concept.  Only God could think of such a thing.

Author: Milt Rodriguez

Milt is an author, speaker, and organic church planter.

8 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on the Purpose – Part 2”

  1. I think that is a pretty good one-sentence definition of the Eternal Purpose. Even so, the purpose could be summed up in two words that describe One Man: Jesus Christ. Yet that man and all the riches he embodies, inherits, and shares is so far beyond our comprehenshion that no amount of language can declare his fullness. As Paul said “these things are unlawful to speak”. Amazing!

    Your words regarding the Tree of Life remind me of something I read recently by T. Austin-Sparks. In the book “What Is Man” he goes on to explain how living in the Spirit which brings Life (the inner man) by being made One with our Father by the work of the Son, is so contrary to living by our own knowledge of good and evil or right and wrong. The latter is described as soulical or natural and is the root of walking according to the flesh.

    Walking in the Spirit brings death to the flesh and Life to the inner man. This is the way God is bringing about His eternal purpose in Christ. The resurrected life is such an extroadinary thing! What a testimony of His grace that we would be called sons of God.

  2. Christ glorified through his body is the great mystery. may this heavenly vision so captivate our hearts that we live with our feet on earth but our spirits in heaven!

  3. Milt,
    I think your one-liner is very succinct. 10’s of Scriptures flooded my mind while reading it. Love it.

    But we are such “ragamuffins”!??!

    Amazing to think of the power/love/grace/mercy/etc. etc. etc. that it takes to ensure Father/Jesus/H.S. reach Their goal.

  4. Any comments on how partaking of the tree of life was guarded against….after the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was partaken of ?

    It seems like it would have been a cure…but instead was referred to as compounding man’s dilemma….

    I am trusting the Lord to reveal this (answer) to me in His time….and I am not voicing this question out of disagreement with what you have written….I agree with you. And again, I trust that Christ will reveal Himself in His time.

  5. Well, the Lord will continue to reveal…

    but I think Adam and Eve were kept from partaking of the tree of life (Christ) because they became under the influence of the fruit if the knowledge of good and evil…they (and we) are lovingly protected from partaking of Christ by anything other than the Spirit of Christ Himself…

    There is an independent way to reach for Christ…according to one’s own self centered understanding/judgement…but Christ must save us from this…and He (alone) does.

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